Ascham, Roger

Ascham, Roger
(ca. 1515-1568)
   English humanist and teacher. A poor boy from Yorkshire, educated at Cambridge University at a time when enthusiasm for Greek language and Ciceronian eloquence was colored by growing commitment to religious reform based on the Bible, he first attracted the patronage of the royal court in 1545 by presenting to King Henry VIII his patriotic and erudite dialogue Toxophilus / Lover of the Bow in praise of the traditional English military art, archery. In 1548 the court appointed him tutor to Princess Elizabeth. He retained favor at court under Edward VI and even the Catholic Mary I (despite his Protestant sympathies) as Latin secretary, and the accession of his former pupil as Queen Elizabeth I confirmed his tenure in office. His treatise on education, The Scholemaster, published in 1570 by his widow, became an influential statement of Renaissance educational ideals as developed in England.

Historical Dictionary of Renaissance. . 2004.

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